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Every company with a Web site should have a place for online feedback where customers can express their likes and dislikes. For companies, this feedback can be instrumental in perfecting the customer experience. You can collect data all day long, but it is the companies who actually analyze the feedback and make changes accordingly who will see a return on customer insight.

That’s why Leximancer has introduced LexBox, a way for companies to incorporate and directly analyze feedback. This widget allows companies to implement a feedback box into their own sites, and receive analysis through The Customer Insight Portal.

Feedback Form

Feedback Form

You can see LexBox at work on our Feedback page. The LexBox creates a conceptual map, which is accessible on The Customer Insight Portal, containing the primary themes and specific concepts from current Leximancer customers. As you can see with the Leximancer Feedback page, the map is able to identify likes and dislikes from the feedback form. By analyzing the map, we can see that users of The Customer Insight Portal like how easy it is to use, how the data is presented in concepts and themes, and how useful it is in the research process. In addition, with the new version users would like to see an updated demo video to reflect the new changes. This creates actionable customer insight for Leximancer —and yes, multiple new demo videos are being developed as we write this blog.

Conceptual Map Generated by Feedback Inputted into LexBox

Conceptual Map Generated by Feedback Inputted into LexBox

You can download the information needed to put LexBox on your site by clicking here for the Lex Box User Guide. Keep in mind, to get at the analysis you need to be a subscriber to The Customer Insight Portal.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment, and we’ll be happy to help.

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In the News: The Customer Insight Portal

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Today marked the formal launch of The Customer Insight Portal, and the news was picked up around the Web.

Forbes.com, Marketwatch.com, Morningstar.com, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and others picked up the story of how The Customer Insight Portal is the “game changer” for companies looking to gain insight into their customers

The full press release:

“Game Changer” Customer Insight Portal Launched
Powerful Leximancer software available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

BOULDER, Colo., Aug 14, 2008 – Leximancer, a Customer Experience Management (CEM) and analytics software development company, today announced the launch of The Customer Insight Portal, a Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that delivers insight to not only what customers are saying, but why they’re saying it.

“The Customer Insight Portal is a game changer for the way companies seek to understand their customer attitudes and behaviors,” said Neil Hartley, Leximancer CEO. “It allows virtually any organization or individual user to easily gain insight into the root causes of customer opinion and feedback. Our state-of-the-art market intelligence software has been proven on the desktop world-wide and now we are making it available through The Customer Insight Portal.”

For consumer-focused organizations, The Customer Insight Portal gives marketing professionals, brand managers, competitive intelligence and customer experience managers the ability to make critical decisions based on factual data regarding customers’ thoughts and feelings toward their brand, products or service. The Customer Insight Portal goes multiple steps beyond traditional text analytics by employing a rich variety of scientific methods to analyze call center notes, survey data, e-mails, documents, blogs, social media and Web sites. This enables Leximancer to uniquely provide insight into the root causes of customers’ attitudes and actions, allowing companies to determine not just what people think of them, but also why.

“The Customer Insight Portal lets business people explore and automatically find meaning, and identifies structured relationships between the key ideas or issues that are important to customers – uncovering information that was previously hidden,” said Chris Westfall, Leximancer vice president of business development. “From the people that have already used the portal, they’re saying that it provides previously unknown, actionable insights, which is great validation of what’s possible.”

The Customer Insight Portal provides deep insight without the need for set up, which means that analysis is provided without previous knowledge of the information under investigation. Users of the Customer Insight Portal can upload the data and the analysis is complete in the time it takes to make a pot of coffee. Because there is no selection of terms before getting started the results are unbiased. Companies find out what is there, not just what they think should or might be there.

About Leximancer
Leximancer’s patent pending software platform allows customer satisfaction, brand management and competitive intelligence professionals to automatically extract the root causes of customer attitudes from Internet communications such as blogs, Web sites and social media, as well as the vast amount of data currently locked within the enterprise in the form of e-mails, service notes, call center notes, voice transcripts and survey feedback. Through its intuitive keyword discovery, cause-and-effect analysis, thesaurus and search functions, Leximancer is the only solution that delivers deep insight into customer attitudes by objectively identifying “unknown unknowns.” For more information, visit http://www.leximancer.com or http://www.thecustomerinsightportal.com.

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They’re all happy, right?

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At Leximancer, we talk about finding the unknown-unknowns. Those moments where you look at the concept map and find connections you had no idea were there.

We were recently working with a technology client we’ll call Company Z (we’ve changed some specifics to keep client confidentiality – but the story is true) and they found out, through Leximancer analysis, that their very happy clients were happy for different reasons which had huge implications for strategic planning and deployment of resources.

Company Z is in a good place. Profits are solid. Things are running smoothly. Customers are happy. Being a smart company, they didn’t rest on their laurels and sought customer feedback.

The marketing department spent dozens of person hours (sound familiar?) crawling through comments to find patterns and insight.

When we sat down with Company Z, we took the same data they spent a couple of weeks on, uploaded it in a few minutes and we found that customers in the United States were satisfied for one reason and customers in Canada were satisfied for another reason.

Apparently U.S. customers like the service, but can’t find parts. In Canada, it was the exact reverse.

You could hear the jaws drop.  Not only did Leximancer find the same information in a few minutes that it took them weeks to sort through, it discovered something they had no idea was in the data. That is what it means to uncover the why, not just the what. That’s the power of Leximancer.

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