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Roger Levy’s line of work allowed him to explore many tools and technologies in the world of data and text mining. He gets it. And he needs it.

In his line of work – forensic and special investigations technology – the amount of data he works with can be immense. He has to sift through hundreds of depositions involved with these investigations and find key concepts, as well as major differences in recollections in the depositions.

When he was first introduced to Leximancer, he saw the potential. He first used Leximancer in his previous position as group general manager at Telstra, but he also engaged with Leximancer himself with his own company, Forensic Technology Pty Ltd. After working with nearly every text analytics platform rolled out in the last decade, Roger Levy has found Leximancer to be the best for his work.

“Leximancer’s key benefits are identifying the focal points and key elements of large text documents and identifying trends and differences,” Levy said. “Currently we use Leximancer to analyze depositions during investigations and legal proceedings, looking for key focuses, differences in recollections and summarizing experiences. We also are evaluating the platform in several other areas including evidence analysis.”

Forensic investigations often involve the services of a medical examiner, crime laboratory analyst, crime scene examiner, forensic engineer, psychological profiler, statistician, computer analyst and a polygraph expert.   The amount of written reports and depositions accompanying a forensic investigation can be massive, and an automated data analysis platform like Leximancer serves to bring speed and interactive visual mapping tools to the laborious process of analyzing the body of collected data.

Roger feels he can definitely recommend Leximancer to others working in the forensic sciences and feels that this is the beginning of a long-term relationship in a highly technical industry that can benefit from the rapid, thorough analysis of complex documents.

Leximancer’s powerful technology has many applications across a variety of industries from rapid analysis of commentary on social networks to bringing speed to forensic and eDiscovery investigations to providing “hidden” customer insight to marketers.

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Leximancer Used to Create Political Insight in Australia

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Here is another use of Leximancer – this time in the political realm in Australia. Graham Young from Online Opinion, uses Leximancer to analyze public perception’s of two leading Australian political figures.

His series of analysis show how the public perceptions vary between two dynamic leaders, Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd. His conclusion?

The public sees Turnbull’s energy and experience being a factor in his ability to be a successful industry leader, while they see Rudd’s hard work, intelligence and social conscience allowing him to be a successful bureaucrat. 

To learn more, click here for a blog post detailing how Graham uses Leximancer to develop cutting-edge political insight.

Stay tuned for more information on Graham Young and how Leximancer works for him in the coming weeks.

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