Finding the Right Voices in the Crowd

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Listening. Easily said, not always easily done. Companies are now keeping in tune with social media and many are doing their part to listen to what is being said about them, their competitors and their industries, but how do you really cut above all of the noise and the static to find meaning in this space?

Simply listening and monitoring social media for mentions and conversation about your company, product, service or what have you – will not help you fully understand the trends and themes of your customer responses.

Imagine, you’re standing in a massive coliseum listening to all of the people in the room talk. You are going to hear the people around you, but past that, nothing else – only white noise. How do you manage all of these conversations going on around you? How do you possibly make sense of what one group is talking about versus another and why? How do you interact with the conversation?

You can begin to sort people into groups – but what determines who the various groups are? Do you sort by the color of clothes they are wearing? Or the section of seats they are sitting in? Or by how many times they mention a company name? Unfortunately, by picking groups based on my preconceived ideas, I could be missing what they are saying as a mass. I won’t be able to easily decipher the important trends and themes of the mass by just listening.

Leximancer provides a way to find the signal amongst all of the static and noise – a way to conduct surveillance on the conversations happening in the coliseum; in the social media space. Using its powerful social media content analytics tool, The Customer Insight Portal (TCIP), companies can go one step further from listening to overwhelming chatter. They can truly understand it.

The Customer Insight Portal can break through the clutter, taking unstructured data such as comments in the social media space and from this identify the most common themes and trends throughout the conversations. It can identify the positives, the negatives and everything in between. By leaving it up to TCIP to sort through this noise, you can rest assured there will be no bias. It’ll ensure that you’re finding the right voices in the crowd enough to understand what are just whispers and what may be being screamed by the majority. Either way – instead of just listening to the noise, using TCIP you’ll actually be able to understand it and act on it.


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One Response to “Finding the Right Voices in the Crowd”

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Leximancer..I recently asked for a trial copy for their 3.5 version.

After exchanging 10 emails with 2 of their company representatives, they declined to provide me with a free trial.

Instead they said, “…that we can negotiate for a paid desktop trial.”

Although they advertise a free trial at their site, they actually trying to make people pay for a tial version.

How crappy and scummy is that?

Stay away from them. The software costs 1500$ AUD, and they expect you to pay without testing it.

Unless of course you pay for a trial version first.

Crooks!…Stay away from them!

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