Leximancer Introduces LexBox

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Every company with a Web site should have a place for online feedback where customers can express their likes and dislikes. For companies, this feedback can be instrumental in perfecting the customer experience. You can collect data all day long, but it is the companies who actually analyze the feedback and make changes accordingly who will see a return on customer insight.

That’s why Leximancer has introduced LexBox, a way for companies to incorporate and directly analyze feedback. This widget allows companies to implement a feedback box into their own sites, and receive analysis through The Customer Insight Portal.

Feedback Form

Feedback Form

You can see LexBox at work on our Feedback page. The LexBox creates a conceptual map, which is accessible on The Customer Insight Portal, containing the primary themes and specific concepts from current Leximancer customers. As you can see with the Leximancer Feedback page, the map is able to identify likes and dislikes from the feedback form. By analyzing the map, we can see that users of The Customer Insight Portal like how easy it is to use, how the data is presented in concepts and themes, and how useful it is in the research process. In addition, with the new version users would like to see an updated demo video to reflect the new changes. This creates actionable customer insight for Leximancer —and yes, multiple new demo videos are being developed as we write this blog.

Conceptual Map Generated by Feedback Inputted into LexBox

Conceptual Map Generated by Feedback Inputted into LexBox

You can download the information needed to put LexBox on your site by clicking here for the Lex Box User Guide. Keep in mind, to get at the analysis you need to be a subscriber to The Customer Insight Portal.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment, and we’ll be happy to help.


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