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Sprint, known for its lackluster customer service, recently came in last on the latest JD Power wireless service study. Its CEO has publicly voiced that Sprint is beginning new initiatives to get its customer service program back on track. To accomplish excellent customer service and identify actionable customer insights, Sprint will need to listen to its customers in all of the ways they communicate including social networks, Twitter and blogs.

Twitter, a microblogging service, serves as an immediate pulse for any company on how their customer service teams are performing. As a company, Sprint can monitor Twitter for every mention of their company to get a live stream of feedback that will be paramount to their recovery. What’s more, they can follow the lead of Frank Eliason and his Comcast team and respond to concerns in real time with official company Twitters.

Conceptual Map of Feedback on Sprint on Twitter

Conceptual Map of Feedback on Sprint on Twitter

Leximancer searched for mentions of Sprint on Twitter within 50 miles of five major cities – New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington DC. Analyzing this data on The Customer Insight Portal allows users to identify central themes and concepts in the ways its customers are talking about Sprint on Twitter.

The Theme Hate is Closely Correlated With Feedback From NYC

The Theme Hate is Closely Correlated With Feedback From NYC

The first red flag is the theme hate, which is closely correlated to the Twitters from New York City. Users from New York City mention “I truly hate sprint right now” and “boooo sprint booo!! I hate them!!”

For Sprint, this presents an excellent opportunity to continually monitor Twitter to see if feedback improves over time and to compare feedback from month to month.

The Theme Service

The Theme Service

Service is a major theme for Sprint on Twitter. Using the Query feature on The Customer Insight Portal, we find that comments run the gamut (examples below).  The quote on Heroes that “There’s no service here.  I should have gone with Sprint” received multiple mentions showing Sprint’s product placement helped create buzz.

  • I pretended it was a joke.  Sprint service is not so good in my personal experience, though that was 6 years ago.
  • in Sprint customer service time, 1 min really means 10 mins. i’ve been on hold for 20 mins, he came back on 2 x to say 1 min, plz
  • my contract ran out in May. If not, I’d have claimed I was moving to middle of Nevada, where there’s no Sprint service.
  • “there’s no service here.  I shoulda gone with sprint”- quote on heroes.
  • Live chatting with a Sprint customer service rep. This is a nice
  • Sprint takes wireless service to the max in Baltimore ( Leslie Cauley/ USA. . http://tinyurl.com/3pfgom (expand)
  • working to save sprint customer service from going down the drain.
Sprint Launches a New Service

Sprint Launches a New Service

In addition, Sprint’s launch of the XOHM Wimax service in Baltimore showed up as a major theme speaking to the buzz the launch received.

So cutting through the noise with The Customer Insight Portal makes it easy to uncover both issues and praise—and provides an opportunity to get to specific customers to respond in an engaging way for the benefit of the brand.


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i work for sprint for a 3rd party vendor as an agentt, dont expect an agent can give you the best customer service coz we dont work sprint directly its really a big difference customer service if an agent work directly with sprint, so in other work we dont care on what we are doing

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