Vice Presidential Candidate: Analyzing Reaction to Sarah Palin

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Conceptual Map of Analysis of Sarah Palin as VP Nominee

Conceptual Map of Analysis of Sarah Palin as VP Nominee

John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice president nominee had media tongues wagging immediately. Using The Customer Insight Portal to instantly hone in on coverage after the decision helped to quantify media reaction and coverage. Material was sourced from top media outlets including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, Fox, Newsweek, LA Times, Time Magazine, etc., to identify the top concepts and themes emerging from the immediate mainstream media reaction to Palin.

Pathway Analysis of Sarah Palin's Relationship to Oil

Pathway Analysis of Sarah Palin

The conceptual map from The Customer Insight Portal shows that reporters felt McCain’s selection of Palin was in a large part due to the fact that she is the current Governor of Alaska. With the state of oil prices today having a vice president from Alaska, where big oil is a crucial part of the economics, would be important. Palin has a history of being outspoken on the need for more domestic drilling and other paramount issues in the oil industry.

Pathway Analysis of Correlation Between Obama, Palin and Experience

Pathway Analysis of Correlation Between Obama, Palin and Experience

Pathway analysis shows reporters felt Palin was unusual as McCain’s choice of running mate given his outspoken belief that Obama lacked the experience needed for the position. Both Obama and Palin have been perceived as lacking the necessary years of experience to run the country. The Pathway analysis provides actionable insight showing that both Obama and Palin are going to have to prove to skeptics that they have the years of relevant experience to deserve a position in the White House in November.

Palin and Experience

Query Section: Palin and Experience

Diving into the query section to conduct further textual analysis shows that Palin’s lack of experience, especially in foreign and national policy, were frequent themes.


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