Case Study: Australia National University

Posted on September 2, 2008. Filed under: Case study, Leximancer |

The researchers at Australia National University (ANU) had a problem. As a social and opinion research center tasked with understanding immense amounts of information, the ANU needed a service that could help do this for them. With a limited number of employees and a condensed amount of available time, ANU needed to dissect through thousands of pages of information comprised of exploratory research of subject behaviors, viewpoints, attitudes, beliefs and comments. But how were they supposed to do this without spending months or without hiring additional employees?

Well, simple. They turned to Leximancer.

Using Leximancer’s powerful text analytics software, the ANU employees were able to dump all of their research into the program, and within minutes, have at their fingertips not just WHAT their subjects were thinking and feeling, but WHY. This provided the researchers with invaluable information they could then present to government and community figures, industry experts and top-line journals.

Nigel Martin, a researcher at the ANU, considers Leximancer the most time and cost-effective service available and notes that Leximancer also provides the most accurate interpretation of the data, not allowing for any research bias or incorrect or lost concepts.

“Leximancer has assisted with processing the vast data blocks that confront our social sciences practice. It means that we can process hundreds of thousands of words and texts in compressed timeframes without the need for employing more and greater skilled staff members. It also allows us to undertake multiple projects simultaneously, so that our overall ability to process and understand extraordinary amounts of data is greater than if we were tied to a single project for an extended time period due to the manual data processing,” Martin said.

For more information about how Nigel Martin and the ANU used Leximancer in their work, click here.


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