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Obama Creates a Strong Correlation Between McCain and Bush in his DNC Acceptance Speech

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The 2008 Presidential Campaign creates a ripe environment for text analytics to provide key insights and themes. Yesterday’s acceptance speech of the presidential nomination by Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) provided excellent fodder for data analysis using The Customer Insight Portal.

Analysis of coverage from 15 of the top newspapers across the country –including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, USA Today, The Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, etc. – identified the top emerging themes and concepts emerging from Obama’s speech and the rippling reactions it created.

Pathway Between McCain and Bush

Pathway Between McCain and Bush

One clear pathway that The Customer Insight Portal determines is the strong correlation Obama repeatedly made between John McCain and George W. Bush. For the McCain campaign, this takes shape into actionable insight by determining if they want to project a united front with Bush’s policies moving forward. As the Detroit Free Press noted, Obama linked McCain to Bush at nearly every step.

Clear Concepts from Obama's Speech

Resound Themes from Obama's Speech

Coverage from the speech highlighted the resounding themes Obama promised to remedy if he were elected president including tax breaks for working-class families, eliminating capital gains taxes for small businesses and an initiative that would make the United States independent of foreign oil within 10 years.

Drilling Down Into the Text

Drilling Down Into the Text

Since all text analysis conducted by The Customer Insight Portal is completely drillable, it makes it easy to understand how the Portal created the pathway between concepts.

The Stage Was a Large Concept

The Stage Was a Large Concept

A frequent theme from coverage on the acceptance speech was the stage design, which shows up clearly on the conceptual map – yet there is no clear pathway between Obama and the stage showing he himself never referenced it in his speech.

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Instant Competitive Analysis on Blog and Forum Data: Motorola Razr versus iPhone

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We live in a new world. Today’s social and business cultures have merged on the Internet. Never before have executives had so much data about customers and their thoughts, feelings and attitudes at their fingertips. But like most good things, it comes with a catch: There is too much unorganized data to be easily useful, but turning this into Customer Insight that you can act on is the difference between market leader and recording record losses.

We used The Customer Insight Portal to turn some of this mass of data into real insight and business intelligence by looking at customer sentiment of the Motorola Razr and the Apple iPhone. All the data used is from fully public blogs and forums that do not require a login. 

Initial Concept Map from The Customer Insight Portal

Initial Concept Map from The Customer Insight Portal


What we discovered is that customers all are looking to upgrade to a new and improved product. There are several features shaping customer purchase decisions including overall design and style. It’s important to customers that their phone has a good screen and camera, supports video, plays music and supports Web browsing. While customers like the cool look of the Razr, they feel the iPhone is the best available device for playing music.

The iPhone has competing opinions about the new product. Some describe the iPhone as cutting edge technology and say that it delivers value for money. Others complain of delays, and cite problems with software, pricing and a battery that only lasts a day. While there are conflicting views on carrier service, there is consensus that free calls and other offers are effective in attracting new business. That fact that only the Razr is available on Verizon and Sprint is a significant decision point.

How much do you think that kind of insight is worth to your company?




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In the News: The Customer Insight Portal

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Today marked the formal launch of The Customer Insight Portal, and the news was picked up around the Web.,,, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and others picked up the story of how The Customer Insight Portal is the “game changer” for companies looking to gain insight into their customers

The full press release:

“Game Changer” Customer Insight Portal Launched
Powerful Leximancer software available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

BOULDER, Colo., Aug 14, 2008 – Leximancer, a Customer Experience Management (CEM) and analytics software development company, today announced the launch of The Customer Insight Portal, a Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that delivers insight to not only what customers are saying, but why they’re saying it.

“The Customer Insight Portal is a game changer for the way companies seek to understand their customer attitudes and behaviors,” said Neil Hartley, Leximancer CEO. “It allows virtually any organization or individual user to easily gain insight into the root causes of customer opinion and feedback. Our state-of-the-art market intelligence software has been proven on the desktop world-wide and now we are making it available through The Customer Insight Portal.”

For consumer-focused organizations, The Customer Insight Portal gives marketing professionals, brand managers, competitive intelligence and customer experience managers the ability to make critical decisions based on factual data regarding customers’ thoughts and feelings toward their brand, products or service. The Customer Insight Portal goes multiple steps beyond traditional text analytics by employing a rich variety of scientific methods to analyze call center notes, survey data, e-mails, documents, blogs, social media and Web sites. This enables Leximancer to uniquely provide insight into the root causes of customers’ attitudes and actions, allowing companies to determine not just what people think of them, but also why.

“The Customer Insight Portal lets business people explore and automatically find meaning, and identifies structured relationships between the key ideas or issues that are important to customers – uncovering information that was previously hidden,” said Chris Westfall, Leximancer vice president of business development. “From the people that have already used the portal, they’re saying that it provides previously unknown, actionable insights, which is great validation of what’s possible.”

The Customer Insight Portal provides deep insight without the need for set up, which means that analysis is provided without previous knowledge of the information under investigation. Users of the Customer Insight Portal can upload the data and the analysis is complete in the time it takes to make a pot of coffee. Because there is no selection of terms before getting started the results are unbiased. Companies find out what is there, not just what they think should or might be there.

About Leximancer
Leximancer’s patent pending software platform allows customer satisfaction, brand management and competitive intelligence professionals to automatically extract the root causes of customer attitudes from Internet communications such as blogs, Web sites and social media, as well as the vast amount of data currently locked within the enterprise in the form of e-mails, service notes, call center notes, voice transcripts and survey feedback. Through its intuitive keyword discovery, cause-and-effect analysis, thesaurus and search functions, Leximancer is the only solution that delivers deep insight into customer attitudes by objectively identifying “unknown unknowns.” For more information, visit or

# # #

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Leximancer In the News

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Leximancer has started its expansion from Europe and Australia into the North American market – and that move is gaining attention as businesses realize the power of the software, the great possibility of partnerships with OEMs and the ease and depth of The Customer Insight Portal.

We were featured in the business section of the Boulder Daily Camera (a regional publication in Colorado). Business writer Alicia Wallace highlights why the Leximancer software and The Customer Insight Portal are such important business tools in today’s marketplace.

The article also talks about the features of Leximancer including language independence, the ability of the technology to deal with massive amounts of data and quotes Chris Westfall, Leximancer vice president for business development:

“The program, which is language-independent, analyzes the words, phrases and context from a broad spectrum of forums and pools that information together in a chart- and web-based form that allows the users to gain meaning from the content.”

Also noted in the article was the unique ability for Leximancer and The Customer Insight Portal to work with no prior set up. You upload the data and the analysis begins, in the time it takes to make a pot of coffee. And, the software delivers the root cause of customer problems or issues, giving insight in the “why” there is an attitude or behavior, not just “what” that attitude or behavior might be.

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What to do with that data?

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Corporations have spent millions, if not billions, on new ways to collect input and feedback from customers. Recordings of customer service calls, having call center operators take notes, e-mail campaigns, online feedback forms and countless other methods.

What we’ve seen in many cases is that executives look at the data, find a few similar points customers make and come to conclusions. Those conclusions usually dictate action and budget allocation. Churning through piles of data and reports is difficult and time-consuming, so gut feeling is supported by only modest quantitative information in most cases.  Of course this is a gross over-generalization, but in fact is true in many many cases.

For example, a company that does call center performance optimization collects an unbelievable amount of rich data. They have call center transcripts, agent notes, self-service feedback from customers … just loads of the stuff. Their problem – because a modest amount of quantitative data is available, all this qualitative stuff is dropped on the floor.

From what we have seen, there are two major problems:

  1. Businesses are coming to the wrong conclusions or are missing greater opportunities to gain critical insights that are waiting to be found in qualitative data; and
  2. So far, they are not getting a good return on the serious investment made in collecting qualitative data.

That’s where Leximancer and The Customer Insight Portal come in handy. Without any prior set-up or definition of terms (which can be laborious and time consuming), we take that unstructured data, including transcripts from call-center conversations, and provide insight that companies can actually use. That insight includes discovering unknown issues with customers that quantitative data can’t identify.

Just today on a call with a prospective customer we found that two different sources of feedback on their mobile devices delivered two very different sets of opinions. While both were making some complaints, one group was unhappy about physical features of the devices (e.g. the screen easily scratches and is difficult to read) and the other group was frustrated with calling plans and services.  So even at this high level of insight, the marketing team now knows how to adjust their message,  who to engage with a different message or promotion and can provide critical feedback to the product development group.

Simply, we provide a way for executives to get big return on that wise investment to capture all that data-yes quantitative, and yes qualitative.

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